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It is the policy of Sea Support Ventures LLC. its subsidiaries and affiliates, to give priority to the personal safety of every employee above all else. To create a safe and efficient working area that continues to improve daily due to the total commitment of all personnel involved in any operation. It is therefore the philosophy of the company to provide accident prevention, near miss and inspection programs and to comply with all regulatory regulations, flag state, class and country. Employee safety and accident prevention is the responsibility of every employee so as to determine how any job can be completed safely and to support fellow employees in every attempt to create a hazard free workplace. Sound judgment and keen awareness is the cornerstone of accident prevention that will support all employees in safe operations. We pledge to monitor our performance as an on-going activity and to strive for continuous improvement. We further recognize that no matter what situations may arise that there is no task or job so vital to our operations that the necessary time cannot be taken so it can be completed safely without incident.

Sea Support Ventures, LLC is an ISNetworld and ISM certified company.